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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How many people do you teach at one time?
A:Normally two, we can make exceptions.
Q: What type of boat do we learn on?
A: You will learn to sail on either a Hunter 28 or a J34, both stable sailing platforms. The Hunter 28 is normally used for ASA 101 and 103, and as you gain additional skills and prepare to handle a larger boat, you will most likely sail on the J34. (Most schools use smaller boasts for basic keelboat: however we have found that our students prefer to learn on the type of boat upon which they will eventually continue their sailing career).
Q: What is the normal class format?
A: Approximately 6-7 hours on the water a day and 1-2 hours classroom. The on-water time is done before and after a lunch break.
Q: What time do we start and finish?
A: We normally start around 9:00 A.M. The hours after that are extremely flexible as to the student's needs and desires.
Q: Do we need a reservation?
A: Yes. We are not a "puppy mill" and offer a very high level of competent instruction which of necessity mandates extensive and intensive student/teacher contact.
Q: What about references?
A: Former student phone numbers are available upon requests as well as commendation from the highest levels of th Pensacola Sailing Community.
Q: What options are available for dining and entertainment in the surrounding area?
A: There are several excellent restaurants within walking distance of the slip everything from raw oysters, Mexican and pizza to Five-star dining.