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My son and I took our first three classes with Capt. Bob and at the end of it we each were able to single hand a 30 foot boot. I will advise anyone that wants to learn to sail to take his class. I will also tell them that by the end of day two you might want to throw him overboard but hang in there he’s a tough teacher but you will know what you are doing at the end of it and will appreciate what he teaches you. We now own a Pearson 303 and are confident in our sailing abilities to know when and how to sail or when not to sail. We keep our boat in Pensacola and love every moment on it, which it at least once a month and that’s not enough. I forgot to mention that the time on the water verses the classroom time is a better than any other school I have seen.
~ Greg

My wife and I took ASA 1 and 2 lessons from Captain Bob several years ago. The instruction was to the book, but also meaningful and useful for a novice couple. Captain Bob was patient yet he challenged us. If my wife and I would have attempted to learn on our own, one of us might have ended up in the Sound. We enjoyed Captain Bob's wit and wisdom and use some of the applications he taught us outside of the book routinely.
~ Nathan

My husband and I took sailing lessons from Capt Bob, Aug, 2009, to become certified in bareboat coastal cruising. Captain Bob was very hard on us during our lessons. He was highly critical of our sailing, insisted on perfection in our navigation and opened a can of you know what on us at times! He gave us so much homework every night that we could barely watch any football. That's a crime in Alabama in case you don't know. He was so kind to arrange his schedule such that we could travel from Birmingham and get these courses in over long weekends to miss the minimum of work. He threw in a review day of sailing at a great rate to help us out and help us prepare for our first bareboat cruise. He was tough. The lessons were not easy, but BOB KNOWS HIS STUFF! We are proud to be sailors and that we can charter 42' bareboat and give them back the yacht better than we received it. Our first trip involved departing the doc on a rainy day and we were so glad that Bob insisted we know how to navigate well. We sailed for 10 days on 3 trips to the BVI and 1 to Antigua. We're returning to USVI and BVI this Dec. Last Dec, I was awakened on my birthday to pelicans diving off the starboard stern in a gorgeous anchorage off Peter Island and I remembered to thank God for Capt Bob who helped us get there!
~ Holly

Thoroughly enjoyed my day on the water with Captain Bob and crew. Signed up for a sunset cruise, and in addition to being entertained with sailing stories, rum drinks, and Jimmy Buffet, Capt. Bob taught us the basics of sailing without us even realizing we were being taught. Will come back for more!
~ Linda